I don’t really talk about Politics on this blog. The recent election have made me consider putting my neck out there for a few posts. In my head I have planned out three or four posts. Not being a supporter of either party gives me a different perspective on things.

To start it off here are some thoughts to  few groups after this election.

Republicans: You are now in charge. You control the Presidency, the Congress, and shortly the Supreme Court. You tell everyone that your vision for America is the best. Well then implement it. For at least two years no one will be able to stop you. No excuses. Come up with your plan and bring it fully into effect. No more blaming someone else. The government of this country is now yours, use it. You won’t. Oh you’ll do a few things but you will still need a reason for people to vote for you in four years.

The American Left: First, it is now clear you have some things very wrong about a large swath of the country? Now is a time to listen and learn. The narrative you have been using for the last several years no longer works. Time to come up with a new one. Sanders offered you a chance at a new version. You didn’t take it and the old ideas failed. Secondly, listening does not mean being silent. By wise in speaking out. Continue to push for what you think is right.

The American Voter: I have a draft post sitting in my blog from 2013. It is a lament about how the American Voter is misinformed, easily propagandized, and irrational. It seem clear that nothing has changed in three years. Oh and before you get all self congratulatory thinking, “yep those other people on that other side”, I mean all ya all.  An informed intelligent American voter is like an hen’s tooth in a haystack. Political strategists from both parties have done this intentionally. They want an easily controllable voting population that is susceptible to propaganda. Like Pavlov’s dogs they want you to react with emotion when they ring their bell. Become smarter and better people.

The Media: In my heart is a special place full of seething contempt for the media. My words to you are simple. Stop lying! I don’t care if you are just some blog or a world respected news agency. Stop lying! Stop misleading people. Be sources of truth.