It was a dark and stormy night

Or it was going to be. It was Wednesday evening. The deciding game seven of the World Series between the Cubs and Indians was to be played that night in Cleveland. I planned to watch the game in a little bar down the way a bit. I found that I could watch the game with a small crowd not a big place going crazy. I had been checking the radar watching a line of storms grow quickly closer and closer. I tornado had even been reported. I had to make a decision. Do I try and beat the storm or wait until after they had passed and risk missing the start of the game.  The walk would only take me like 10 minutes I had plenty of time to make it.

About half way through my walk the wind picks up and a light showers starts.  I decide to put my working out to use and start a slow jog just in case the storm is coming faster than I thought. As I round the final corner and am only about a few hundred feet from my destination the storm hits. A torrential downpour of giant freezing drops begins pelting me. I take off on sprint. As I sprint the final hundred feet across the parking lot I notice the welcoming glow of the open back door. My friend who runs the bar is standing in the door way looking puzzled as a stormed past.

With the weather I expected nobody to show up, but we ended up with a nice small crowd of maybe 14 people or so.  As the night went on and the comes cruised toward victory I become hopeful that I might actually see the historic event. Then something happened. Sitting there I had a great sense of deja vu.  They were going to bring Chapman in and he would blow the save. I was as certain as if I had actually seen it happened. I even texted it to a friend so somebody knew I had seen the future.

All went exactly as I had foreseen it and the game was soon tied.

They went into extra innings and then they had a rain delay. I decided I couldn’t wait for a long rain delay. I would go home and ignore the game. I could find out tomorrow that they had lost. The rain delay ended quickly. Before I could even settle in the Cubs had scored two runs.  Cleveland had one last chance. They managed to score a run and then this happened…

I waited and dreamed all my life for that moment. People have dreamed and died waiting for that moment.

I was a fan of the World Series Champions. I hugged everyone, even the Cardinal fans.