You might all want to sit down for this announcement.  I jogged three times this week. I actually kept to the schedule. I intend to do three workouts a week but it’s really hard for me to get to the gym now that I try not to drive.  So I impressed myself with my three jogs.

Dream of the week

I was in my house and it was a really sunny day outside but windy.  Then the wind picked up until the gusts were stronger than any other wind ever.  I worried the house would blow over and then it did start to tumble along. I fell out of the house which was no longer a house. It was now the carcass of a large old analog tv with the tube taken out of it. I don’t remember what happened next, but we ended up in a dungeon. We knew we had to get out so we could get to the tower and defeat the Wind Demon that was making all the wind.  We got out but most of the people just wanted to fix the castle. I checked on the gps and found out the Wind Demon tower was just a little bit away. Two people decided to come with me to the tower but they quickly left so I went on alone. I came around the corner and it was my grandparents place but there in the back was a big Gothic tower with a bunch of wind blowing around it. Two Minotaurs came out of the tower to fight me. Pulled out the remote for my Amazon fire stick which was also a light saber. Then there was a ferret. I took the ferret into my grandparents’ place and tried to play with it in the back room. It kept biting me on the thumb so I got annoyed and decided we had to get out.  But the ferret kept hiding and I didn’t want to leave it in there to bite my grandparents… then I woke up with Jobu poking me in the face.