Don’t fear readers, all 30 of you. I don’t see this becoming a fitness blog. I am old, chubby, and out of shape.

My actual old man foot

On Tuesday I went for my scheduled run. It was nothing long, fast, or spectacular. I am doing a modified version of the c25k program. Afterward I had some ankle pain. It got worse on Thursday so I didn’t do my run that day thinking I would postpone until Friday. On Friday it was way worse. My foot would pop and crackle and hurt. There was’t any swelling but something sure didn’t feel right.   I started looking up foot anatomy online trying to figure out what tendon or whatever hurt. The image above of my actual foot shows the painful area in red. It wasn’t the achilles tendon it was behind it or to the side. It still hurt on Saturday. I even iced it that night thinking that maybe something was inflamed. I’ve come to the conclusion that running didn’t cause the problem, but the shoes I walked around in did. My right foot supinates rather badly. I wear my shoes down quickly on the outside. With this pair of walking shoes the heal actually broke in a little bit on the right side making my steps even worse. I think that constant twisting of the foot with each step is what caused the pain. I stuffed toilet paper into the right side of my shoe until it leveled out my footfall. That seemed to help a lot.

Sunday I didn’t have much pain and I had a lot of energy, so I wanted to get in a run. I put on my heart rate monitor and all my stuff and went for a jog.  Right off the bat I knew my NEW heart rate monitor was having problems. Within twenty seconds of starting it warned me I had reached my max heart rate. I hadn’t. It just wasn’t working properly.  At one part of the run it just bounced all over the place. I would be at max, it would go down to 140 then down to 100 then back to max. At this point I realized the monitor was useless. I ignored it and decided to try and take stock of just how I felt. I felt good. I didn’t feel winded or under a lot of stress. I decided to just keep going and going. According to runkeeper (one of the many and the oldest of the apps I use) claimed I managed my longest run ever.  Maybe I should ignore the HRM more often.