I had planned to go for a job Friday after work. But it ended up being like this for two hours.

So on Saturday morning  I went for a jog.  It was cool and overcast with a slight drizzle when I started. I actually had a great run. I had plenty of energy, nothing hurt. I ended up running farther than I have since restarting running five months ago. I had finished and waking the rest of the way. There is one little bit of path left before I got to my place. A song came on my ipod(yes I still use an ipod). It wasn’t supper fast or upbeat, it actually was kinda mellow and emotional. I felt the gentle breeze in my face and the sun on my skin. Then a hawk came soaring over my head and glided along the path. I started running again. I then broke into a sprint as fast as I could go. I shot my arms out like a kid pretending to be an airplane. It didn’t last long because I got to the end of the path. I stood there breathing heavily and looking at the blue sky and the green grass. For a moment this old chubby man felt alive and young. Then I felt like I was dying since sprinting had shot my heart rate up to over 180 bpm.