Funny Cat Gif of the Week

No kittehs were harmed in the making of this gif.

Tossing Out the Traveling Pants

I did my laundry. I had noticed the last time I did laundry that a pair of my khakis had a stain on the front that didn’t come out. This time I got out the stain stick and scrubbed that thing as best as I can. After the wash I checked the khakis and the stain was still there. I unceremoniously tossed them in the garbage at the laundromat. It wasn’t till sometime later I realized that I thrown away the traveling pants. Eight years ago I had bought those khakis at a Walmart for like ten dollars. I then took them on almost every trip I’ve taken since. Those trousers had walked the streets of London, Paris, Rome, Nice and many other places. And I had just tossed them out like yesterday’s Jam.. but jam lasts for ages.

Wearing the traveling pants in Nice France

You mean there are 31 days in July?

As part of my financial plan I keep a budget. As part of that budget I usually have forty dollars ear marked for playing the gambling machines.  I do minimum bets and it is a fun way to waste a few dollars. I’ve decided for the month of August to not do it to save a few more bucks.  So Sunday I am sitting with some friends and I made a joke about celebrating that I hadn’t gambled yet in August. They look at me funny. 
“I know it’s not very funny being August 1st.” 
“Dude it’s July.” 
“No it’s not. Yesterday was the 30th.” 
“There are 31 days in July.”
“Are there?” I check me phone.. “oh”