No is the time of the year in the midwest when we are overrun with cicadas. They fill the trees with their large bodies and they fill air with the sound of the reeeeing. They just keep getting louder. Reeee REee REEEEEE!!!  Apparently making a lot of noise isn’t the only thing they are good at. They also excel at getting eaten.

I often let Jobu out on the balcony. He has a grand time out there. Eats the plants, sniffs the air, and once in awhile kills an insect. Monday night I am sitting at my computer doing something when he runs in from the balcony with something in his mouth. He drops it on the ground and starts batting it about in wild abandon. It is the giant body of cicada. He lost interest in a minute or so and just left the poor dead thing on my floor. The next night he comes prancing in from the balcony with another cicada in his mouth. This one isn’t dead. It’s REEEING at the top of it’s voice. Is it calling for help? Is it begging for mercy? I don’t know.  All I know it Jobu took a good 4 minutes to kill it off. I realized he enjoys inflicting pain on other living creatures. I have willingly invited this thing into my house. I am convinced he is going to kill me in my sleep.  I took of video of the poor cicada’s demise:

The next night he did the exact same thing.   Note how dirty the carpet gets when you have a long hair black cat and don’t vacuum for a couple of weeks.