It was a busy week

I End Up in a Car Commercial 

We’ve all seen those car commercials.  The ones I find so absurd.   You know the scene. It’s a standard suburban block in somewhere America. Cookie cutter houses are lined up with their cookie cutter vehicles in the drives. Perhaps they are four door sedans.. or small crossovers or minivans.. either way they are all bland and alike. And then here comes Bob in his exciting unique new four door sedan or small crossover or minivan. It’s exciting and sets Bob apart from the other suburban drones. You cut to the family staring in awe and perhaps the  attractive neighbor who drops her water hose and seems a little too interested in Bob’s new car. Of course Bob’s new four door sedan, or crossover, or minivan looks exactly like all the other ones on the block.

Well, I found myself walking down my own little bit of suburban wasteland. I stared at a four door sedan I didn’t know. It looked kinda of racy and dare I say unique. I actually stopped and popped out my headphones, I had to know what model it was. It was a new Honda Civic. Note this post is not sponsored by Honda. but hey Honda.. if you wanna send me some money$$ 

I’m Feeling Good Vibrations with My Girl 

I took Friday off work so I could go to a concert. I saw the Temptations open up for the Beach Boys. Man was it fun. I don’t know if I found the Temptations better than the Beach Boys or the Beach Boys better than the Temptations. I had an amazing time.