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I Drive a Death Machine

I am currently driving a 2007 Honda CRV. This model has been caught up in the big death airbag recall. They had sent out the recall for the driver side some time ago. Just last month another recall came in for the passenger side.  This recall contained a warning in red letters.  Honda suggests that you avoid having a passenger sit in the front passenger’s seat until the recall repair has been performed.   Oh I did forget one important thing both recalls mention that, THEY DON’T HAVE THE PARTS TO FIX IT YET.  The claim they will get the parts in the fall. Until that time I am driving around in a death machine that could kill me and my passenger.

New Cars are too complicated

Saturday my Mom drove through on her way down to see my grandparents. She called with a problem. The battery light had started flashing.  She became worried that the alternate might be failing and didn’t want to end up stranded. So we swapped cars. She sped off in the death machine while I took her car to the Honda dealer. I told them the story and they said it would be a little bit before they could get to it. I sat in their waiting room drinking their free coffee. After about forty five minutes the mechanic calls me over. He has a little smirk on his face. “Sir, that was the warning light for the battery in the key.  We replaced it at no cost.”  Fancy new cars have to have the key with a battery in them for it to keep running.