Funny cat gif of the week

You’ll remember that in my last installment I whined about a little netbook being broken. Turned out it is still under warranty.  So I called them up and they have agreed to replace it.  They sent me a box but I haven’t sent the old one back to them. I will be without the netbook for like 3 weeks. I guess I’ll survive.

For the past three months I have been working  out regularly. I work out three to four times a week.  I switch between going to the gym, using the elliptical and some weights, and jogging.  I don’t put my hands on the heart rate monitor thingys all the time but I do check out where I am at from time to time. I know those metal HRMs on exercise equipment are accurate but I assume that are consistent with themselves. During my workout early in the week I noticed that my hear rate was a good 10 beats a minute below where I had been for months.  I thought maybe the machine was broken. A few days later I went for a jog. I wear a chest heart rate monitor when I jog. Mine has become mostly really inaccurate with huge peaks and valleys. Seriously my heart rate is not 170 10 seconds into a jog.. and no it doesn’t drop to 40. Most of the time it is accurate. I noticed again my heart rate a good ten beats bellow where I was used to it being. I must have been at some sort of plateau in heart health. My heart rate, both under stress and resting, had  improved very quickly in the early days, but I hadn’t seen much improvement in the last couple of months.  Then all the sudden it got a lot better.  Actually I am  not going to say all the sudden.  Because of things going on I had a four day gap in between workouts. I wonder if that extra time of resting some extra improvement had occurred.