The Funny Cat Video of the Week

A lot of really bad things happened in world news this week. And I don’t wanna talk or think about that stuff. If you are reading this in the future just search these dates.

Every once in awhile I go to karaoke with my friends. I myself do not sing. I am sure my friends are very thankful for this. Some of the singer are really good. People sing and have a good time. At some point a guy came in, ordered a drink, and sat at a table near us. I didn’t think much of it. A little bit later he gets up and takes his drink outside. Whatever. You aren’t supposed to take your drinks outside but I don’t care. We are all having a good time. Then I notice the guy is standing right outside the window staring at one of the women in our group.  Just staring right at her. I don’t think he realized we could see him perfectly. When he would come back in to get another drink he wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone. Eventually the bartender told him to stop taking his drink outside and he just sat in a corner not really looking at anybody.  Finally a seat opened up next to my friend and he sat right next to her, but with his back to her. We switched seats and eventually left. SOO CREEPY.. or maybe he was just drunk/and  or high.