Monday was memorial day here in the USA, so I had the day off.  One of the first things I did that day was go for a jog.  That impressed me since usually I am not in the mood to do anything in the morning.  The weather had listed a slight chance of some rain in the afternoon.  It was sunny most of the day and the cat lay out on the balcony. A few clouds were about.  A few more clouds were about. Suddenly there came a crash of thunder and it started to pour. Jobu bolted inside in terror.  It rained and rained.

On Tuesday I finally finished a long term project I had been working on. I felt very relieved when  it mostly all worked right. Just about the time to leave work the clouds rolled in again. I might have never seen rain like this in my life. It poured and poured and poured. I believe they said we got 2 inches in an hour. Streets were flooded everywhere. It took my double the time to get home.

When I woke up on Saturday, a nice steady rain was falling. It wasn’t a complete downpour but a good solid rain. Being the fool I am I decided to go for a nice long walk.  I got soaked, which was fine. I don’t know If I have mentioned it on here before, but I have been doing some extra work on the side. I like to do this work when I can at the office since I like my setup there.  About noon I drive out to the office.  Instead of getting down to work I decide to go for a walk around the now deserted and rainy campus to take pictures. When I finally got to the office I found an email about my actual day job. So I did about an hours worth of work on that. By this time it was about 2 pm. I found myself suddenly very tired and with a mild headache. I couldn’t concentrate. With nobody around, I decided to take a short 1/2 hour nap on the couch.  I lay down, got comfy, and drifted away. I woke up a half hour later.  I rolled over and lay there a minute with my eyes closed, just to help me wake up.. and then I could get started with this couch is surprisingly comfy… i’m just gonna…. ZZZZzzzzzZZZZ
I woke up two and half hour later and realized it was time to go to the gym.