Let’s begin with a really cute video of a kitteh and a puppy

Reminder note: I don’t edit these posts at all. This helps explain the bad spelling, incorrect grammar and general lack of coherence… how am I kidding that’s just my writing style 🙂

Better Late than Never?

So this post is way late.  The main reason for this is “Computer Broken”. The laptop I write my blog posts on has gone all borken. It is a little 11 inch netbook that is under powered and pretty much only good for writing and reading blogs. Monday night I was using it and the battery was low so I closed it and plugged it in. The next day when I opened nothing happened.  Even the power button did nothing. Not a single led could be seen. I am writing this on a laptop I have borrowed. I even tried to take the laptop apart in hopes of finding something to fix.  I plan on calling the company tomorrow in hopes that they have some fix. Stay tuned for the future adventures of borken laptop
Friday my work put on an employee and family outing. I got some free barbecue out of it.  It went for a few hours but after about one I went back to the office and worked some more.
Midday saturday, I got in my car with it’s none functioning air conditioning and drove through the heat  a couple of hours to see my parents. After that I went  with my friend to see Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in concert. The venue was the same place I saw Peter Frampton a few years ago. Merl Haggard’s sons also made an appearance. Neither Kris or Willie could really sing at 80+ years old but it ended up being a fun time.