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This should have actually been in last weeks TWTW but I didn’t really do one. Two Tuesdays ago I woke up and found this on my arm.

Well not actually that. That picture is from a week later. The bruise was about twice the size and much nastier looking. It was all green and yellow. The oddest part is it didn’t hurt at all. It is almost gone now.  I still haven’t figured out how it happened.    And man do I need to start lifting weights

My boss ordered us new laptops at work. If you know anything about nerds you know how much we love new tech.  I was so excited I kept checking the shipping and IT people to see if they had come in. Finally on Wednesday a pile of 5 laptop boxes appeared.  My coworker and I grabbed our laptops and ran gleefully back to our office. We opened the boxes and started checking them out.   Something wasn’t right. These laptop were frankly kinda crappy.  They were not nearly as good as what we were promised.  I looked at the model number and a realization slowly started to dawn on me.  These weren’t our laptops… we had stolen some other laptops.  You put everything back.. Turned out our order of laptops wasn’t coming in until next week.