I don’t really think anything important happened during the week so let us cut right to the weekend.
Mazie the doggie
On Friday night I went out with some friends to karaoke. I am not cruel enough to subject others to my singing so I just listen. 
After that late night, I woke up on Saturday fairly early. I had a busy day. I did a few hours of work and cleaned. That night was a friends birthday party.  I tried to live early since I had to travel the next day.

Sunday I took a trip. I drove up to see my Mom and Dad who I hadn’t seen in a long time. I also managed to squeeze in a trip to my friend and her dog… ok mostly I went to see the dog(see cutest doggie face above. Mazie love me very much.  As far as I can tell she tends to love everyone very much.

Ok I guess that weekend actually sounds pretty boring.. but I had fun.