I don’t remember much about the work week. I worked and then didn’t 🙂

Funny Gif of the week

I had much planned to do on Sunday.  I was going to get up do my laundry, clean, do some work, and go for a jog. Well that didn’t happen I had a horrible night sleep and ended up in bed till about 10. When I finally did get up I felt terrible. I had no energy.  I took a two hour nap and 2. I did manage to find the energy to go for my jog but it was a pretty lame one. I couldn’t run nearly as far as I did the last time. The odd thing was that my heart rate was elevated all day. My heart rate was around 90 – 95 when my usual resting heart rate is in the low 70s. When I went for my jog my heart rate went up quicker and took longer to come down.

That night I watched the final episode of the BBC Wallander series. The individual episodes of the series weren’t always great but the cinematography was always top notch. In this final episode Branagh impressed me with his portrayal of SPOILER a man suffering from the early effects of dementia/ Alzheimers.