This is my 300th post since I restarted this blog.

I had thought about writing a dedicated post about hitting 300 but decided not to bother.

Monday was a very important day. It was game 7 of the 1st round of the Stanley cup playoffs. The defending champ Chicago Blackhawks were going to defeat the ST Louis Blues and move on to continue their repeat. I watched the final period in a  crowded sports bar packed with other Hawks fans.  We lost.

As I drove to work on Tuesday I saw an interesting sight. A dead squirrel lay upside down in a parking space.  He squirrel friend was nudging him with this nose trying to wake him up. Either that or he was trying to eat him.

At the beginning of the year I put as one of my goals to run in the 5k they have here when they do the marathon. I even promised to sign up early so I could use the spent money as motivation to train. I never did sign up. The last day to sign up is at the expo they have the night before the 5k, two nights before the marathon proper. On Thursday I decided I wold sign up for the 5k and pay the extra fee. Why not?  The expo was being held at the my gym so I had plans to be there anyway.  If they had a spot available I decided to take it. I drove my usual route to the gym. Traffic was insane. I couldn’t find anywhere to park. I just gave up and went home forgoing the 5k and my usual workout.

Saturday was the marathon. I good rain fell the entire day. The kind of rain that soaks everything. The kind of rain I love. I went for my usual shambling jog. The rain soaked through my jacket and kept getting in my eyes. I loved it.

I woke up on Sunday and was certain it was Monday. Later that night I was certain it was Saturday and I had the next day off.