As of Monday afternoon, for the first time in at least 10 years if not more, my debt level fell below 10 thousand dollars.  I am not on the final leg. I cannot see the finish line. It is like I am running a marathon and I am in the last third.  I know that around a few more turns and over a couple of more hills I will see the finish line.

We now returned to our regularly schedule programming. I managed to think of four ways that I could increase my income.

Get a Raise

You can get a raise at your current job. That isn’t really apply to me. But maybe you can ask for raise and show that you deserve one.

Get a New Main Job

You could get a new job that pays more. I am not going to do that since I like my job and I have no intention of leaving. 

Sell Things

I have been amazed at the amount of junk I have had around my place.  Over years of unwise spending I had accumulated many things that I never used.  I keep finding new things in drawers or closets that are still good but that I don’t use. I mostly sell o ebay. I generally get a fair price and I like not having to worry too much about getting scammed or mugged. I have a few buyers try and scam me but ebay has had my back both times. You can also try craigslist and garage sale type things. 

Work a Second/Third Job

This is the route that most people take to bring in extra money. There are all sorts of second jobs that can be found. You can make money with things you have, or with things you can do. For example, I knew a guy who had a whole bunch of nice lawn maintenance equipment, and the debt to go with them. He decided to open a part time landscaping business.

For a couple of years I kept telling myself I needed to get another job. I toyed with the idea of being a bartender on the weekends(using something I could do). I also though about delivering pizzas with my car(using something I had, a car).  Two friends getting mugged while delivering pizzas cured me of that idea.

I debated with myself, whether I wanted to use the same skills I used for my day job or if I wanted to do something completely different. A good argument can be made that if you use you mind for you day job having a second job that used physical skills would be less stressful. You can wear out your mental energy during the day and then work with your hands/body later.

I decided to use my programming skills in my off time when a good opportunity to make money showed up. Plus it pays well.

Next up in the series: Tips, Tricks, and should you get a consolidation loan.