Duck Fight

I was out for a walk on Saturday. A duck couple zooms in overhead and lands in a swampy field next to the path. Awwww ducks in love. They are going to make cute little baby ducks. About a minute later I look over and the boy duck is waddling across the field as fast as his webbed feet can take him. “Dude you are abandoning your lady.” That’s when I see what is going one. WILD CHALLENGER APPEARS. Another boy duck’s head pops out of some bushes and he starts waddling as fast as he can toward his foe. I stop walking to watch. This is going to be food, a duck fight. When the reach each other, they both turn to the girl duck and take off in a race. I am laughing my head off at these two ducks waddling as fast as they can across a field. The challenger takes a slight lead but then stumbles and falls behind. When they get to the girl duck she’s like “Guys Guys!!!”  and takes off into the air. The two boys take off after her and the do a couple lap race above my head with the original suitor winning the race.  The loser peals away and goes to land back and alone near the bushes and the happy couple land right back in the field were this all started.  As I walked away I yelled out, “Don’t feel bad there are plenty of ducks in the sea.” (Yes I did actually yell that.)  
The next day I went for a jog and ran by the same field.  I a couple of ducks in the same place. I couldn’t tell if they were the same ones.  I scan the bushes and see a duck head peering out at the happy couple.  That duck needs to let her go.

Funny Gif o’ the week

I like the complete resignation on his face at the end.. What have I done to myself???

Funny Video o’ the week