I am going back beyond the confines of TWTW. I apologize. I also am a going to talk about oe of the most boring subjects weather. I apologize. Let us go back to my birthday. It was just above freezing with a driving freezing rain that lasted most of the day. We had freeze warning through Tuesday. I still was wearing a sweat shirt at home on Wednesday. Sunday the 17th the temp hit over 80 degrees and I spent the day in shorts.  Jobu achieved flat Jobu. Jobu is a cold weather kitteh. He is made for snow and cold. He has a lot of fur. So anytime it gets near 80 we achieve flat Jobu. He lays out as flat as he can to dissipate the heat. He doesn’t do a whole lot on flat Jobu days.

I have been doing some extra work that I am payed for by the hour. In my regular day to day job I goof off a lot while at work. A lot of time is spent reading web pages and gadding with coworkers. When I am doing the extra hourly work I use a stop watch. I don’t stop it for everything, like getting a drink of water. But most times when I stop working I stop the watch. I have realized I get distracted a whole lot when I am trying to work.

Really Long video of the week:

Watch a computer animation of the sinking of the Titanic in real time. Yes it is over 2 1/2 hours.