Photo Courtesy of flickr user moyerphotos

Today is my 43rd birthday. I almost forgot to blog about it. The early forties have been very odd for me. On one hand it seems really old. In my twenties I never even imagined what I would feel like at forty. Though I thought my life would be very different. On the other hand it seems really young. I still feel that there are many things left to do in my life and time to do them. My body hasn’t completely betrayed me. If I wanted to I could train for a marathon. I see the future as increasing not decreasing opportunities. I just need to have goals and remained focused.

The day was boring and it rained almost all day. Not sure what that means for the coming year 🙂

Jobu’s birthday falls on the same day. Why? Because I said so.  We don’t actually know when Jobu was born. He was found at several weeks old. It just seemed easier to give him he same as me.  What did I get him? The same thing I get him every year. Nothing. I let him live for another year and buy him food.