Dreams in the VoidDreams in the Void by Jeffrey Aaron Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jaren lives in an almost idyllic medieval village on an island nation. Then his world turns upside down. A form of sickness is spreading throughout the land. People are being driven mad by a nightly “water” dream. These dreams are full of violence and death. Jaren’s village is destroyed by a before unknown magic. Convinced that the King is the source of the dreams. Jaren sets out to the capital to kill the King.
This book is not a traditional fantasy story. It reads more like an adult (Not that type of adult ya dirty minded…) fairy-tale. There is not complex world building. The world feels rich but empty. The only things that exist, exist to further the story. The sense is that the world ends just past the characters view.
Reading this may sound really bad. But it works very well. As the story progresses it feels more and more like a dream, like reality is slipping away. It reads more and more like an actual dream. About half way through the book my brain started coming up with my own theories as to what was happening. My pace of reading accelerated as I tried to figure out the final explanation. Many possibilities present themselves. I don’t want to spoil anything but the final answer was not something I had considered.

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