I had planned to get up early and go for a run Monday morning.  I don’t know why I plan things that I should know have no chance of happening.  I woke up late and it was raining so I got ready and drove to work. (Side note: I think I was late every single day for work) While at work the news was officially announced that Lovie Smith would be the new head coach of your Fighting Illini.

That night, Jobu wanted to go out on the balcony so I let him out. I got up Tuesday morning and wondered were the cat was hiding out. He came walking in from the balcony. I had left it open all night long. No in the past whenever I have opened the balcony I try to provide some adult supervision.  Jobu could easily jump to the roof over the door or I imagine him getting so excited that he jumps all the way to the ground and breaks his fuzzy neck. You need understand, Jobu is very stupid. My guess is that during his night of freedom that his two most prominent personality traits, his stupidity and his cowardice, fought each other to a standstill.

That evening, in the fading light, I went for a short jog.  I actually have planned a longer post on my getting back into running. It’s like the 6th time in my life.

Saturday was a long and productive day.  I got up early and did some stuff around the place. Then I went for another jog and spent the afternoon doing freelance work. As I went to bed that night I was amazed at how much stuff I had accomplished.

Sunday on the other hand was the complete opposite. I woke up late, way late when you factor in the time change. It was raining a long slow steady rain so I went for an over hour walk in it. I didn’t even listen to anything on my phone most of the walk I just thought about stuff and imagined stories to write.  I then sat around for an hour or so before taking a three hour nap.  That night I just watched tc shows and played video toy.