We were expecting some snow on Wednesday. Like usual in this part of the country, the forecast kept changing as the day drew nigh. Estimates ranged all over the place 1 inch, 6 inches, nothing, only rain.  By the time I left work on Tuesday it seemed that the forecast had pretty much been set in stone. It would begin raining during the night and change into snow the next day. It would be very window with blizzard like conditions with up to four inches of snow.

Many people made plans not to go to work or school the next day. The grocery stores were raided as if bandits from the Steppes were closing in. I bought some milk because I was out of milk.  I woke up on Wednesday and a tiny dusty of snow was on my balcony.  I checked my email and several people were not coming into work that day.  I scoffed at the tiny bit of snow and stared my long long commute (15 minutes on a bad day) into work. According to the radio a bunch of schools and stuff were closed. Are you people serious? It is barely snowing. BLIZZARD!!! I was suddenly driving through white out conditions. It didn’t last long and the roads were fine so I arrived at work unscathed. It snowed hard most of the day but hardly any of it stuck. I would guess probably 3 to 4 inches of snow fell but by the end only an inch or so was on the ground. I think it was too warm for the snow to stick.  The roads on the drive home were perfectly fine. I did hear from people that as soon as you went out of town the roads got really bad really quick. In fact the State police shut down part of a fairly important road near town.

Saturday was boring but productive. Sunday on the other hand was very exciting for one furry member of the household, at least for a couple of hours. In the middle of the night I was dreaming. I dreamed that I was with a couple of friends and that ASPCA commercial with the “Arms of an Angel” song was playing. I woke up and lay there in the dark. Jobu sat looking out the window and then I realized I was still hearing that song. The tablet I use as an alarm clock was sitting on the bedside table playing music.

 Sunday was very windy and very warm. I had the balcony door wide open.  A plastic bad blew up onto the balcony and started to get blown about by the wind. This plastic bag became Jobu’s new play friend. The wind would bounce the bag around the balcony and Jobu would pounce and chase. Eventually a big gust of wind picked the bag up and flung it into the tree. Jobu rushed to the edge to watch his little bag friend being buffeted against the branches. The bag flew from the tree and started to fly away. Jobu stuck his head far out of the railing as if to wish his friend back. With great intensity he watched the bag jib and float on the gusts of wind.  He didn’t move as the bag got smaller and smaller.  When it had finally slipped from sight Jobu turned around and came back inside.  He looked up at me and let out a sad meow.  He then went to sleep.