Not my Car

When we last left our hero he was marooned at home with a very flat tire.  Our hero also forgot to finish writing the last TWTW post.  On that Sunday, I put the spare on. It took some effort.  I hate those little jacks that come with cars these days. You crank and turn and finally you’ve moved the car an inch.  The spare itself didn’t have much air in it, but it had to be better than the completely flat thing I showed you last week.

On Monday, I eased the car the two blocks to the nearest air pump and filled the spare donut up to the required amount.  It was at 12P SI and needed to be at 50.  I then drove to a local mechanic and  had them look at the tire and the brake warning light. They patched the tire up nice and good and it only cost 25 dollars. The said I needed new brake pads and new rotors. The quote came to over 400 dollars.  That seemed a little excessive and unnecessary. I had looked at the brakes and rotors when I replaced the tire and they seemed ok. I paid for the tire and left determined to find a cheaper brake solution.

Tuesday I met with some people about possibly doing some work for them in my off hours.  On Thursday I signed the contract that will bring me in some needed extra money for the next few months. Since I will be using my free time on this new project, I don’t know how this will affect my voluminous blogging.. HAHAHA  see it’s a funny joke since I don’t blog much.  The scratchy tickets just weren’t giving me the extra boost of money I needed 🙂

The two highlights of the weekend… the three highlights of the weekend were: or should it be; ;’. >  stupid English punctuation. The weather this weekend was amazing. It hit 59 degrees F on Sunday. I went for a jog. I forgot to record the jog with my phone so did it really happen? I also made three bean chili and on a whim decided to throw in a couple of table spoons of cocoa powder.  Really a good combination. I think we forget cocoa can be used in things besides sweets.  I spent some time researching brakes. Things have changed since I was a young lad working at an auto parts store. Brakes are now made of a much harder substance than they used to be.  They last longer but do a number on your rotors.  So I think since my 2007 has the original rotors they probably do need to be replace.

Peace out!