I started the week off with a cold.  I had a cough, a sore throat, and produced enough snot to fill buckets. With all the snotting and coughing I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Both Monday and Tuesday I was pretty useless at work. Of course my Boss would say I am pretty useless at work most days 🙂

I spent the rest of the week trying to catch up and waiting for my contract for extra work to be signed. It still hasn’t been.  Oh and my Tax Return came in. I am rolling in money…..

On Friday I finally got the brakes fixed on the car. $450 later and I am not rolling around in soo much money. I feel like driving around everywhere and slamming my brakes all the time since they are so new and shiny.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to enjoy the nice weather we had by going for a walk.  I wore my running shoes for the walk and decided to try and turn it into a jog.  Now I haven’t run consistently since I think April so my walk/jog mostly involved walking. In fact after only a few short bursts of jogging my ankle and foot started to hurt quite a bit.  But hey maybe I’ll start up running again.

Sunday brought to us all THE BIG GAME(not TM), the Superb Owl. I joined some friends at a local watering hole.  We all brought bits of food to make a potluck and sat down to enjoy a mediocre game of Football(American) and snicker at a few of the commercials.

I looked into some interesting things about the trademarked term Super Bowl (GAHH I SAID IT!!!!) I joked above about not using the real name.  I can talk about watching Super Bowl 50 and my thoughts about it. What I can’t do is claim to have some sort of official sanction to use the name or to use it in advertise. Now the NFL has been so litigious that many people refrain from saying it all together. For example Colbert came up with the superb owl name even though he legally could use the trademark for parody.