Every week, usually Sunday but sometimes during lunch on Monday I sit down and try and write this post. I think back, “What happened.. uhh. nothing.”

I had Monday off. Not because it was President’s day but I just took it off. I don’t remember what I did. I think I was supposed to run errands. I was supposed to get my hair cut and didn’t. I was supposed to get the oil changed on the car and didn’t.

Tuesday through Friday mostly work happened.

The weekend was very warm. I mostly worked on stuff but Saturday around lunch I went for a jog. Like a real one. I hadn’t gone for a real jog in over 8 months.  I did better than expected.

On Sunday I made my now favorite three bean chili with cocoa

Just for Fun .. sorta:

Warning both the written version of this and the video contain adult language and themes. I am pretty sure the video shows a naked guy for about 1/10th of second. I wasn’t going to slow it down to find out. They are funny but actually say something that ties into stuff I have been blogging about.

You realize that it’s not about hitting a goal weight, or lifting a weight. It’s about being able to wait. Waiting, being patient, and trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will eventually get better. After all, change takes time. 

Change take time and patience. It takes the will to day after day make the choices that will eventually lead you to where you want to go. Spoilers for those of you not going to read the post or watch the video. A guy gets dumped and decided to change his life. He starts going to gym and eating healthy. He eventually finds a new girlfriend. After a year he reflects back on how the things he did over and over changed his life. It is actually really funny.

The video comes from this blog post.