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TWTW: January 4th – 10th 2016 What is Work?

It was the first full week back at work after the easy days of the Holidays. I settled back into the routine easily and the week passed quickly.

Friday I got the good news that my Dad finally had been discharged from the hospital. He got to sleep in his own bed and my Mom got to no longer spend all her time at the hospital.

The weather forecast for the weekend called for a couple of inches of snow on Saturday (YEAH) and it to be really cold on Sunday(BOOOO). In anticipation of the coming cold weather I went out in the rain(not snow) on Saturday and bought what I needed to make chili. Nothing quite as good on a cold day then a steaming pot of Chili. As my chili simmered on the stove, I watched football and waited for the snow to start. I kept waiting for the snow to start. We go no snow of consequence. MEGA BOOO!!!

Sunday dawned frigidly cold.  I think the high temp that day was 11F. I staid in, cleaned, and watched football(American).  I decided to bake some bread to fill the place with wonderful smells. I had a lot of energy during the day and wanted to get some stuff done. I realized that when I have a lot of energy I become very ADHDy. I would run over here and do a little bit of something, then get distracted by something else and get a little bit done. I realized I needed to make a list and do one thing and get it done. Then I moved onto the next thing. Then I got bored and did nothing 🙂

Random highlight of the week. I bought a five dollar scratchy ticket and won twenty-five dollars.

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  1. Liene

    So what are ya gonna do with those lottery earnings? 😉 Good to hear your dad's home…

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