Warning: techy post ahead

Half way through Monday suddenly my work laptop’s screen went blank. After a second it popped up a drive error and then went to the BIOS. There is a menu in most bioses, biosi, bioseseses?  anyway you tell the computer what you want it to boot up from.  When I looked in my BIOS no options to boot from existed. I appeared the drive had disappeared. When I checked the hardware settings the drives (it has 2) showed up.

I grabbed a bootable Windows 10 USB disc from the IT guys and set about trying to fix my poor laptop. I tried to do everything I could to repair or fix my Windows. Nothing worked. I couldn’t restore. I couldn’t fix the master boot record. Nothing worked. On top of that everything took forever. The computer seemed to be walking through molasses. I decided to just re-install Windows. I had everything important backed up. I made my big mistake when I decided to just use one of the existing partitions on the SSD instead of formatting everything.

I spent Tuesday getting Windows installed and setting up all my work stuff on the computer. During the process I could tell something didn’t seem right. Everything went very slowly.  The laptop which used to take maybe ten seconds to boot up now took over a minute. I noticed all sorts of disk errors in the log.

After struggling for a day I tried to fix these problems on Wednesday afternoon. I decided to scan the discs to see if I could find any problems. The second I tried the computer went blank and  went right back to the BIOS.

This time I decided to do things correctly. On Thursday I low level formatted both discs and then checked them for errors. None showed up so I re-installed Windows 10 again from scratch. By Friday I had everything installed and set up. The discs were not complaining in the error log and the laptop was back to booting up in seconds.  Fingers crossed I actually fixed something.

Like last Sunday, this Sunday was extremely cold.  Instead of making chili like last week this Sunday I chose to make chorizo tacos and imagine I was spending the day somewhere warm.