After the last two weeks being pretty exciting with traveling, holidays, family, and a musical this week settled into boring normality.   A few things did stand out

Computer problems

I had been having an intermittent problem with my desktop computer.  When I would be playing a game, the graphics would mess up.  The screen would be half one side of the game, or there would be lines through it. I would reboot and the thing would work fine again.  Finally while playing a game of Starcraft 2 the screen went wonky and then finally completely blank. No reboots could fix this problem. I took the cover off the case and  pulled out the video card. I built this computer about four years ago and I put in a pretty good video card. I paid about $300 for it at the time. When I looked at the card, I noticed that the fan had caked over with dust and fur. I guess that the card just overheated and burned itself out.  After some more testing to determine that my problem was the video card, I borrowed one from work and found another one I could buy on ebay with the money I had made selling things.

Did I mention I have been ebaying almost everything in my place 🙂

New Glasses

I have a very mild prescription for glasses. I don’t wear them most of the time. Only when I am driving at night or my eyes are really tired and I want to see the tv. About three weeks ago I realized I couldn’t find my glasses. I looked everywhere. I checked all the businesses I usually go to.  I checked all over work. I even looked in the tub that collects the ice from the ice maker. No dice.  So I scheduled a new eye doctor appointment for Wednesday. The new prescription was almost the same.
Because insuance only covers frames every other year. I picked out one of the cheaper pairs to buy. Though I went to a place that advertises one hour service I had to wait until Saturday to pick up my glasses. 

New Doggie

Speaking of Saturday, on that day, my friend from this sad post, got a new doggie.  Her name is Mazie Mae. I haven’t gotten to meet the new doggie yet but I hope she is sweet. 
Mazie Mae
The temperature all weekend stayed warm. It hovered around 60 most of the time. Even if it rained and was windy. I took a lot of walks.  On one of those walks I picked up pine cones from a neighbors yard to make my wreath extra fancy.