As I have mentioned before, my Dad has health issues. On Monday he ended up in the hospital. As of my writing this on the next Monday he is still in the hospital.  We hope and pray that he will be home soon.

The early part of the week went by in a flash that I don’t even remember.

On Christmas eve I drove up to my parents.  I saw my Dad in the hospital and then went to have a our traditional Christmas Eve family dinner. The turnout was smaller than usual but the food was good.  And I met I big dog. Then went to visit my Dad again.

Christmas morning we opened presents. We got a new laptop for my mom to replace her really old and horrible one. She loved it. My favorite present was the amazon fire stick though the one I’ve used the most has been the k-cups. I visited my Dad again and then went to meet and make a new friend.  The new doggie. We hit it off immediately.  I have  new friend.
Doggie sleeping on me she wuvs me

I drove home on Saturday through the rain.  It kept raining. On Sunday it rained a bunch more.. It is still raining.. I read we got 6 inches of rain.   I am beginning to worry about flooding and I live on the second floor.