It was a normal boring week. Though I was the most productive at work I think I might have ever been.  I wrapped up a bunch of stuff for the end of the year. Over the weekend I finished the last of the Christmas shopping.

There was something odd about this week.  I kept not knowing what day it was. Wednesday through Friday I woke up each morning and lay in bed thinking “So nice it’s Saturday and I don’t have to go to work tod…. oh crap.”  The Saturday morning I woke up thinking I had to get ready for work. On Sunday I went to go to a local deli. I was confused when I got there because they were closed. They stay open to 6 on Saturdays and it was only 3.. Oh yeah it was Sunday.

Here is a funny Jobu story that I will try to convey correctly. Jobu was in the bedroom. He suddenly had a brilliant plan. He would sprint full speed out of the room and then jump onto the dinning chair and then onto my shoulder bag resting on the dining table.  Why? Because cat.  He sprints out of the room and jumps on the chair.. but he is going to fast.  He starts sliding off the chair. He attempts the second jump to the shoulder bag. He only manages to get his paws attached to the shoulder bag. Sadly for our intrepid adventurer he was still sliding off the chair.  In slow motion he starts pulling he shoulder bag off the table. Jobu fell back on the chair and the bag fell on top of him. He then fell to the floor and again the bag fell on top of him.  If I had filmed that I would so be making money on youtube right now.