TWT = That was the week. I am shortening the title so I can include more descriptive text.

I went back to work on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday break. I forgot why I was there or what I did there.

I realized I displayed the signs of having had a good a rejuvenating break. I felt like I had been gone from work for almost a month.  Often when I feel stressed out I think that to do nothing would be the best way for me to relax. I will schedule weekends of nothing but wasted time and leisure.  I found I would usually not be that rested.  If I do something, like go to show or hand out with loved ones, I find that I recuperate better.

The rest of the work week went by in the normal fashion of me trying to avoid working, just kidding boss… or am I.

On Saturday I had to drive back to Chicagoland. I had agreed to go see the matinee showing of The Christmas Story musical. I had forgotten the exact date. Luckily my friend reminded me. The show was on Sunday but I decided to head up the day before to make sure we had plenty of time to get there. When I woke up a dense fog settled over the land. Since I didn’t need to hurry I took my time getting ready. I also had some stuff to do around the place, clean etc.

This picture was taken at about 11:30. The fog did not burn off for over another hour.

Small aside. The entire morning Jobu was General Von Grumpy Meow. He just could not settle down. He would whine at me and I would pet him. He’d get all purry and seem like he was about to go to sleep and then he’d wake up and whine some more.

At some point I went for a walk, I hoped that Jobu would settle down. I started walking and was startled. Rain seemed to be falling from the trees but only under the trees. The fog was condensing on the limbs and falling down.

The temperature must have dropped during the walk because the fog started to condense as ice.  It seemed like the trees were weeing ice.

Luckily the show on Sunday happened during the Bears game so I didn’t have to see them look horrible and lose to the lowly 49ers. I enjoyed the show.