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That was the Week: November 9th through the 15th.. my aching back the pain the pain

When we last left our intrepid hero he was going to bed on Sunday night with  a slight back pain.

I woke up Monday morning.. uh I gotta get up and go to work.  Let’s just get out of bed. I can’t move. You can do this.. Swing the legs out and sit up.. UHHHHG!

I had stiffened up significantly over night and had some spasm of pain under certain movements.  I ended up calling into work saying I would be late since everything took so long to do. I couldn’t put on my jeans. I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to get it through the leg hole. I eventually got ready and went to work. I lurched about the office like the humpback of Notre Dame as I tried to move as little as possible. It didn’t hurt a whole lot when I sat down and almost not at all if I lay down, but the muscle would so stiffen up and hurt that the temporary pain relief wasn’t really worth it.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday it got a little better but no much. I still lurched around.  All the limping had really caused my bad left hip and left to begin hurting a lot.  I was not in good shape.

After almost four days of pain I thought it time to got to the doctor. After an hour wait, the doctor saw me.  The exam confirmed what I had assumed. I had a torn muscle in the small of my back. The doctor gave me some stretches and recommended heat. Most importantly, she gave me a small number of very powerful muscle relaxants. These are the types of pills where they tell you not to drive or make important life decisions while under the influence.

I took a pill at work on Friday.  I waited for the effect. About lunch time my boss was talking to me and my body just started shutting down. I had an almost uncontrollable desire to fall to the ground and sleep forever. Finally my boss left. I closed the door and crawled under my desk to take the nap of the dead. I slept for eleven hours that night after taking a pill before bedtime.

I took another pill early Saturday afternoon. When it kicked in a collapsed in bed next to the cat and slept for another two hours.  On the upside the pills were working. I had a lot less pain and I had regained the ability to walk like a normal person. Not only did the pills make me tired but they gave me a muddled head I called the brain cloud.  I really wanted a tall glass of ice water, so I went into the kitchen and made one.  I walked back into the living room and set it down right next to the other tall glass of ice water I had gotten like twenty minutes earlier.

When I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Bears (they WON!!!) I left the screen door to the balcony open. I often open it to let Jobu hang out out there. But I always close it in fear that with this tiny brain he will try and jump to the ground breaking his fuzzy legs. I still had some pain and stiffness that night but thing where trending toward being healthy.


  1. Liene

    Go Bears! Back problems are the worst – hang in there.

  2. Tim Dudek

    I can't believe the Bears have a (very small) chance of making the playoffs.

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