A short and painful That was the Week for this week.

I began Nanowrimo for like the 6th time.  I have tried to write the same novel five of those times. I am not using Nanowrimo in the traditional way. The normal goal is over 1600 words I day. I find that number daunting and hard to do. Instead I am just trying to write something, a little bit, every day. I am trying to make a habit of it 🙂  I did not work on the novel one day during the week but I did write other things so I count that a win.

On Sunday I did my laundry. My washing machine is broken but the dryer still works. So I take my clothes down to the laundromat, wash them, and then bring them home to dry.  Wet clothes are way heavier than dry clothes. When I got home I picked the big basket of wet clothes off the ground. I felt something not right in my lower back. It didn’t actually hurt. It just felt wrong.  I carried the clothes up the rest of the way. Eight hours later I bent down to pick something off the floor.. OUCH!!! Something hurt. My back didn’t lock up or anything but my lower back was sore. It remained sore the rest of the night but never really got that bad.  I went to bed… to be continued.