In our last installment, I was taking powerful pills to try and get my back back in shape.  They worked like magic. Well mostly, I still experience a little bit of pain.  I went off the meds on Monday. By that point the pain had largely subsided. I think I’ve figured out the way the medication helped. It released the tension in the muscles and stopped the spasms of pain that certain movements brought on. This allowed me to walk and move normally. This put everything back in the right position with the right movement. Before the pills I was hunched over shuffling around and sitting at odd angles to avoid the pain.

With my newly better back, the work week went by smoothly.  On Thursday I had to help run an event in the auditorium, which is not my normal job.  It was stressful in the beginning as we ran around trying to set things up and get things working. It ended up going to almost perfectly.

The most important event of the week happened Saturday. We got THE FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR!!! I love snow. Not a huge fan of winter but I love snow.. go figure.

Sunday morning dawned nice and sunny. I had some garbage to throw out.  I put on a hat on some gloves. It had been in the thirties on Saturday so how cold could it be Sunday morning?  I walked outside and froze instantly. IT WAS FREEZING.  I quickly tossed the garbage and ran back inside. I checked the weather and it claimed it was 12F out!   It is way to early in winter to be that cold.