Monday we were graced with the Super Blood Moon Eclipse ™. After I got home from my usual Monday activity of going to the bowling alley to waste time, I grabbed my tripod and my old Nikon prosumer Coolpix L110.  The camera has served me well but it is not really what I needed to get good pics of the eclipse.  But I did my best.(It has come to my attention that this was Sunday not Monday… but I am leaving it in.. deal)

Click the pics below for bigger sizes.

Blood moon

This year I tried to figure out why fall ranks as my favorite season in the midwest. Specifically late September into early October. I think the angle of the sun produces a perfect warm light. In the dead of summer the light can be stark but in fall everything has a warm glow to it. We also get a a lot of cloudless skies. One Wednesday I went for a little walk and caught a wonderful sunset.

As good as that sunset looked it did not compare to the one on Friday. I actually had to stop my walk and just stare in wonder.  The colors looked unreal as if I gazed upon a water color painting.

Saturday dawned blustery and overcast. I don’t think the temperature ever got to sixty. That didn’t matter because I driving with my Mom to go visit my grandparents. My grandparents are in their nineties and have health problems as you would expect most people in their nineties to have.  It was a pleasant trip despite the chill and the wind.  At this stage my grandparents sleep a lot during the day, but I am used to because I have a cat. I ended up in bed by 10:30. I was that tired.

 Sunday morning I went for another walk. I do a lot of walking. As I walked by the retention pond, I noticed not far away in the field that the heron had a friend. There was now a pair of herons.  The noticed me and lofted away on the giant wings and spindly legs. Seriously herons are huge.  The landed a short distance away and in my mind I thought, “you go herons, make baby herons.”