I had the day off on Monday and it ended up being very productive. I went shopping, got my hair cut, and even did some laundry.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent watching in horror and impotent rage as the Cubs got swept in the playoffs. Both nights a lay in bed unable to fall asleep until 2 A.M. I was angry and upset with my heart racing. I kept playing over and over in my mind the games and the lack of effort. Why did I and the fans care so much more than the players? I was sick of wait till next year. Why couldn’t it be this year? I came to the conclusion that for my own mental health I would need to, as far as possible, renounce my Cubs fandom.

After few days, my anger began to fade and I started to get excited by the young talent on this team. Wait till next year!

I had made plans to visit my parents over the weekend. Friday afternoon at work I began to get a scratchy and sore throat.  I chalked it up to allergies and just went about my stuff. At home the symptoms started to pile on.  A dull headache formed and I started to feel weak and achy. I checked my temperature and it was 99.5F. Throughout the night things I just kept feeling worse.  The highest I checked my temp at was 100F.  I finally went to bed and piled the covers on top of me to deal with the shivering.  Then followed hours and hours of me feeling miserable. I would be snotting and coughing and waking myself up to roll over to my other side. Finally I had to get up to go pee. So I staggered unsteadily to my feet and while dizzy lumbered into the bathroom.  When I crawled back into bed I decided to see how many hours I had been suffering. It was one hour later than when I went to bed. The rest of the night passed in similar annoying fashion.

When I awoke on Saturday I felt a little better. The fever dropped to 99.4.  I managed to be awake for over almost an entire hour before going back to bed for a four hour nap. The fever lessened throughout the day until it was 99 when I went to bed.  I then slept for 11 hours.

By Sunday the fever was mostly gone and the headache was a very low grade.  I managed to go for a walk and felt better than I had for days. I still stayed in and tried to go to bed early.  Being sick sucks man.