The early part of the week saw the Cubs return for 2 games in Chicago against he hated Cardinals.
They held off to win game three on Monday and then came the all important game 4.

If the Cubs managed to win on Tuesday they would win the first playoff series ever at Wrigley. They took an early lead but the Cardinals kept chipping away.  By the time the ninth inning cam around the Cubs were up by two runs. I was so nervous for the top half of the ninth inning that I went for a walk.  A two run lead just didn’t seem like much to me.  If they had been up by like six maybe I could have watched. In the end the Cubbies triumphed and moved on to play the NY Mets.

On Saturday I sat down and finally did something I had been thinking about doing for awhile. I added ads to this blog. I’ve had ads on my little used tech blog for a couple of years but finally decided to add them here. I have a hate hate relationship with ads on the web. Though they should be unobtrusive and only show up in two spots on the page, I don’t think I have the right to force you to have the ads show up on your browser. With that in mind, if you don’t want to see the ads feel free to install one of the available ad blocking software on your browser. Almost all browsers have them. My blocker of choice is ublock. Just search in your browsers add/extensions to find it.

Also I can block certain ads so let me know if you see something inappropriate.  Though I probably won’t do anything about it 🙂

Sunday I decided to relax and not stress my self out over the Bear’s game (don’t want to talk about it) or the Cubs games (really don’t want to talk about it) that I decided to drive out to Kickapoo state park and take some pictures: