Monday we celebrated labor day here in the US. I celebrated the day by cleaning the apartment and watching American Sniper. I started writing a review for it here but it just kept getting longer. So I am going to write that up as a separate post. Short version: good not great.

I went back to work on Tuesday. Work supplies me with a laptop that a bring home with me. I do it so I can work at home, actually I just mostly watch netflix on it. The battery lasts long enough that I only need to being the power supply home during the weekend. So I got to work and noticed I had left the power supply at home.  It lasted the morning so at lunch I went home to pick it up.  I opened the door expecting the cat to greet me confused as to why I had come home in the middle of the day. I looked around.  No cat. I glanced at his latest sleeping spot, the computer chair. He wasn’t there. In fact the chair was spun around and pushed away from the computer. Odd.  I checked a sleepy hidey hole that he has.  Not there either. That’s when  I looked out at the balcony and saw that the tree trimming people had trimmed my tree. They did it from outside but the sound of the trimmer must have scared Jobu so had jumped off the chair and hid under the bed.  I had noticed the tree trimmers when I pulled into the parking lot. They had moved well down the complex so they must have done my tree at least an hour if not more before and Jobu was still in hiding.  I called out several times in a soothing voice, Jooobuuu.  Finally he came crawling out from under the bed all low and scared with this tail flat. I petted him for a bit to let him know it was all right and that the evil cat eating sound dragon had gone away.

Saturday ended up being a busy fun filled day. The Illini football team crushed their opponent and then I did some tailgating after. When I got home I discovered Jobu had picked a new sleeping spot. He changes primary sleeping spots every few months. I have a few different cat beds. One of them I bought shortly after I got him years ago. It had ended up in corner and he wasn’t sleeping on it anymore. While doing some cleaning I had casually tossed it aside.  Jobu had decided to sleep in it again. When I had tossed it, it ended up on something so that one end is a couple of inches above the other.  There was Jobu all snug and curled up sleeping all slanted.  That boy ain’t right. 
On Sunday I drove up to my parents to watch the Bears game with my dad and so some work around the house. The day was a perfect early fall day. The sky glowed above me blue and cloudless and the temperature hovered in the sixties. That was good since the air conditioning stopped working on my car. I had a good time at my parents for a few hours.  The Bears put up a good fight but sadly they lost to the hated Packers.

Note: I was running behind this week and had to write this on my lunch break today. That means I didn’t proof read it. Deal.