You are not crazy. There was no that was the week last week. So little happened that I didn’t feel the need to write one.

On Wednesday I finished watching Star Trek Renegades. Star Trek Renegades is a fan made movie using some real actors. Walter Koenig plays Admiral Chekov. I think they made it for half a millions dollars. It’s better than you would think it would be. The acting is inconsistent.  The “actual” actors do ok but I lot of the unknowns seem like they are doing their first gig.  Adrienne Wilkinson plays the main character, Khan’s daughter. She does a good job even when delivering some corny lines. The special effects are mostly fine with a few laughable exceptions. I can say this. I enjoyed it more than Shadow Man, but I guess that ain’t saying much.

Thursday I decided to make my slow cooker beef stew.  I bought the ingredients the Sunday before. This time I decided to add some mushrooms and reduce the potatoes. Being me I obviously did not get up early enough to chop up everything and get it in the slow cooker before work. I came home at lunch to make it. I reached for the mushrooms that sat in their container on top of the fridge. I pulled it toward me and a bunch of liquid splashed out and one me. I was so confused. Why was their liquid in my mushroom container.  Then the smell hit, rancid death. I looked in the container and the shrooms had decayed to a putrid liquid and a bunch of bugs were enjoying the feast.  I threw the mushrooms out and changed my clothes.  Otherwise the beef stew worked out fine.

Since I did not have the mushrooms for my stew it was a little light on the ingredients. It was a lot of broth. Saturday, I wanted to get some crackers do add a little bit to the stew. I thought why don’t I see what it takes to make crackers at home.  Turns out the ingredients are simple and that I had plenty of them around.  I followed this recipe. I have to pieces of advice for you if you are going to try and make homemade crackers.  First, don’t. Second, make sure that the crackers you put in the oven are all about the same size. If you end up with a bunch of little bits of cracker to put in the oven, I would suggest smushing them together to make a proper sized cracker. If you throw the little bits into the oven with the normal size crackers, they will burst into flames.  Your entire place will fill with smoke, the smoke alarms will go off, and your neighbors will think you are burning the place down. Crackers are cheap. Buy them at the store.

I’ve been driving a 2007 Honda CRV lately.  I had been noticing that the rear passenger door would be unlocked even when I was sure I had locked the car. I finally decided to look into what was going on.  When you locked the car with the electronic locks, the door would lock and then very slowly unlock.  When I pushed the level by hand I got a lot resistance and then the lock when open again. A bit of googling and I found out the problem is the lock actuator and that it is  a known problem with those CRVs.  In fact I had just down a recall earlier in the year to replace the one on the drivers door.  I plan to check the local Honda dealer to see if they would fix it for free. If not I think I’ll just take the door panel off and take out the actuator… if that is even possible.