The week started pretty boring and normal.

Wasn’t until Thursday that anything interesting happened. The day began with an half day meeting for work. It wasn’t unbearable and I survived. Later in the day I experienced a phenomenon I’ve been privy too many times. Another meeting was going on in the afternoon and they had catered in a nice spread of food for the attendees when the meeting ended. A couple of people were outside watching over the food and directing people. In came a student. One of the people asked  her if she is there for the meeting. She responded, “Nope just passing through”.  She then saw the food spread grabbed  a plate, and piled it with food. The guy started clearing his throat really loudly trying to get her attention. She ignored him and just walked out with her plate a food. About twenty minutes later another student comes by.  The person guarding the food asks him if he is there for the meeting. The student said no and then tried to take some of the food. The attendant told him rather forcefully that he couldn’t have any. The student stomped off all angry as if he had some right to other peoples food. Probably the twentieth or thirtieth time I’ve seen that. I really don’t understand what it is about students that they think they can just take food.

Later that night I watched the 2006 direct to video Steven Seagal masterpiece Shadow Man.  I put the movie on my netflix queue specifically because of the following clip:

Any movie with a scene that bad has to be worth watching. Actually that was by far the worst part of the movie.  I would call it overall watchable if you happen to like stupid action movies.

The Illini football season was set to begin on Friday. I walked down to the Buffalo Lard Wings to give it a watch. On my way there I noticed a storm forming not far in the north. An odd weather event occurred.  A lightning filled downpour producing thunderstorm formed directly over Champaign/Urbana and then just stayed there. I checked the weather app at one point and it said the storm was moving at 10 miles per hour. I run faster than that storm was moving.

Speaking of weather this week has been extremely hot and the AC on my car has decided to not work so well lately.  It blows really cool for about ten minutes and then peters out. Since the weather report says there will only be one more really hot day I am hoping to make it until next year to get it fixed.

I sold a bunch of old board game on ebay that I had had since I was in highschool.  Got over three hundred dollars for them.  Turns out I will need the money since I got charged two overdraft fees on one of my checking accounts on the same day.  Turns out I had some charges in holding or some such nonsense. So when I checked my balance it looked like I had plenty of money when in reality not so much.