My post where I highlight bits and bobs that happened to me throughout last week.

The weather this entire week has been almost perfect. The temperature has been in the high 70s, with lowish humidity and a slight breeze.  I walked a lot this week. I mean a lot.  I am sure I got in almost thirty miles of walking.  It was just to perfect to be inside.

The first fruits of the balcony garden are starting to come in. I got a bell pepper getting close to pick-able and the first tomato has started to form. I have been harvesting and beginning to dry some of the basil and oregano.  The closet I hang them up in smells really nice now. The cilantro I have basically let go to seed. I don’t know if that means I will have cilantro next year without planting. I guess we’ll see.

I finished moving the furniture around and really cleaned up. I even scrubbed stuff and I never scrub stuff. I finally donated a bunch of stuff that had been sitting in boxes by my front door for months and months.

Saturday was the 4th of July and I had plans.  All my plans fell apart because of me and my forgetfulness.  I moped around my place for a bit trying to find a cook out or something to go to.  Finally I decided to just go for a run until something came up. I put on my running clothes and grabbed my Tom Tom gps watch. I had not run in awhile but I was doing ok. I looked down at the watch and thought that it must have been in kilometers because I know the path were I run and It wasn’t as far as the watch said.  After I finished I hooked the watch up to my computer to upload the run. Clearly something had been screwed up. The watch had me starting my run on the completely wrong side of town and then proceeding through several fields until I ended up in the middle of  an empty field.

Sunday I woke up early. Well early for me. I am sure many people are already up by 7:30 but that is almost unheard of for me on a Sunday. So I hung out on the balcony with Jobu listening to the birds. A girl cardinal hopped around on the tree next to us as Jobu wanted to eat it. The cardinal flew away and Jobu had to find a new thing to distract him.  There shimmering in the morning light was a spider web.

I have to insert a digression about spiders. I really like spiders. They look freaky and scary but the are wonderful little creatures that eat the other insects that I hate. As a rule I am totally fine with spiders in my house or elsewhere as long as they don’t invade human land. Stay in your little corner or behind the thing and kill the little bugs, but if you starting crawling out around where I am.  Squish!

Jobu’s eyes got all big as he wondered what was this new shiny floating thing. He inched closer to it, sniffing at it. He touched it a few times with his paw. Then he stuck his face in it. He pulled back and began trying to clean the sticky menace off his face. It was attacking him. He licked his face and tried to use his paws. While enjoying a good laugh I came over and helped get the web off him.