Well Blogger decided to eat yet another of my posts.  I am thinking about moving to another blogging platform. I need something that does some sort of version control so it won’t delete an entire post. So sadly you get a mostly truncated That was the week.  I decided to write more during my lunch break.

I was sick on Wednesday and didn’t go to work.

On Friday I moved my desk and computer back into the living room from the bedroom because the cat didn’t like me hanging out in the bedroom.

Saturday, I drove over to Bloomington to hang out with a friend and have dinner.  We spent time wandering around a mall. Yes they do still exist. It was like the mall time forgot. It had a Sears and even a Spencer’s gifts. I wore my ancient sandals.  I believe they were something like 15 years old. I wore them for the first time this entire summer. Why? At 15 years of age they had started to fall apart. If you look at the picture below you will see that they are held together with tape. After many uses the velcro attached to the sandals ripped off. I first tried glue but then ended up using gaffer tape to hold them together. This worked ok as long as no more velcro ripped off.  Afraid they would rip more I had dumped them in the closet and refused to wear them.  While at the mall, I  found a twenty dollar pair of sandals to replace them and decided that was cheap enough even for me. On they way home I decided to start wearing the old taped up sandals  to see how long they would last.  At home I went to take them off and with a loud rip, the other piece of velcro came undone.   So I threw them out. Hurrah for new 20 dollar sandals. I doubt they will last 15 years.

Sunday night I sat watching Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit ( passable movie 3 out of 5 stars ) when Jobu came up all whiny. He wanted out into the hallway of my apartment building. If nothing else I am subservient to a cat. I let him out and he walked about a foot away from the door and fell asleep. I left him out there for almost an hour and he just slept. That boy ain’t right.