My weekly roundup. 

Monday: I had the day off on. I had sold some more stuff on ebay and had to box them up for shipping. I realized I had left my packing tap at the office. I didn’t want to waste the gas going to get it I packed the items up as best I could with what tape I had at hand. I walked through the heat the slightly over a mile it is to the post office. When I got to the post office teller she informed me that if I planned to send more things in the future I should get some packing tape. I told her about having packing tape and that I left it at the office.  She then told me three more times about needing to get packing tape as if I hadn’t spoken. I just nodded a lot.

As I said, I had the day off. Something often happens to me when I don’t have the usual work day cues. I forgot to eat. Now I don’t look like a person who forgets to eat, but often on a Saturday I just won’t eat much until the afternoon.  On Monday I at a couple of handfuls of Cheerios that I keep around but just never really got hungry.  About five thirty I realized I felt kinda weak, not hungry, weak.  I realized I hadn’t eaten so I cooked up some pasta and ate it with a salad.

Obviously, the biggest thing going down on Monday was game six of the Stanley Cup finals.  The Blackhawks had the chance to win the cup on home ice. I foregoned… forgoening.. forgained….uhh… didn’t do my usual monday thing of going to the bowling alley. Instead I went to my friends bar. This is the same friend who usually gambles hundreds of dollars at the bowling alley.  He doesn’t get much business on Monday so he shuts down early and goes to gamble. With the Hawks game on he was staying open to see if he could get a bit of a crowd. He had a small crowd most of which left before the game was over.  In the third period he declared it a closed private party and locked the doors.  He did this because he wanted to smoke but didn’t want to have to go outside in the rain.  Most importantly:

Tuesday: I woke up with a terrible headache. And no it was not from over celebrating the Hawks win. I figured out what it was. I hadn’t had any caffeine the day before. Of my many vices the only consistent one in my life is caffeine. I took some ibuprofen and a big cup of coffee and everything cleared up.

After work I just stayed at home and watched some shows on netflix.  I finished up the first season of Daredevil. I can highly recommend it. It is very dark and violent and well done. It is one of the best super hero/comic book adaptations I’ve seen.

Wednesday: After work I, for the second time in the week, forgooened.. forgained.. didn’t do my usual thing. I did not go to trivia night. Instead I stayed home and made salsa and tacos.

Thursday:  I noticed a service charge on my main checking account. So over my lunch break I drove down to the bank to see what was up. The guy I met with tried to be very helpful, but he couldn’t find what type of checking account I had. He needed to check what sort of service fees I could be charged. He then went into the paper files to look up really old account types.  He couldn’t find it there.  I had opened my account along time ago. Since then my bank had been bought, and then bought again. In the annals of banking past my account lay like some ancient artifact. My checking account was like some clay pot with old script inscribed  upon it that no one could read. With the bank man unable to find any information about my account from the past I asked if we could just switch me to some modern account that wouldn’t have any fees.We finished up and shook hands. Just as I was about to leave he told me to hold on a second. After typing for a bit on his computer he smiled and told me he had refunded the eleven dollars.  I had completely forgot to ask for a refund.

Friday: boring. Stayed home after work.

Saturday: I mostly just hung around the house. Two things did happen. I won a 150 dollar gift card off a Jord wood watch. More importantly for the nerd I am, after a couple of months of trying I managed to get promoted to Platinum in Star Craft 2.

Sunday: I made  a homemade Pizza Margherita for dinner.  Look for it on a future Food Friday.