So I got up last Sunday determined to go for a run since I hadn’t run in about a week. It was overcast as I was getting ready so I checked the weather online. A big red warning bar greeted me.  Eighty percent change of strong thunderstorms with heavy rain. It was claimed they would hit later in the morning. I clicked on the radar and only saw a tiny shower hundreds of miles away.  It’s not like I was running a marathon. I’d be back in a half hour. I ran then did the post run stuff: shower, eat a bit.  It was about the time the storms were supposed to hit so I checked the weather again.  The heavy storm warning was gone. It now claimed a hundred percent chance of rain that should come about noon. So noon rolled around and there still wasn’t any rain. Now the weather site listed a fifty percent change of rain about two pm.  Two pm came around an I had to go somewhere so I checked again.  Now it said a twenty percent chance of some showers around eight pm.

It never did rain. Not a drop.