You would probably think I would post something techy on my tech blog:, but after reading this I am sure most people will understand. On that blog, I am pretending I know things about technology  This makes me look like a dunderhead. I should be the head of the IT department for Reynholm Industries.


I built my desktop computer three or so years ago.  Since I planned to use it to play games I put 8 Gigs of memory in it thinking that would be better than four. About a year or so ago I started having random crashes and problems. I tracked it down to one of the sticks of ram being bad so I took it out.  Now I was running on only 4 gigs. I noticed some slowness, but put up with it since I didn’t want to spend any money.

Recently I got the whim to stream some of my gaming over the internet.,  the site I am streaming through, recommends 8 gigs of memory minimal to stream.  I tried it with only 4 and it sorta worked but the game lagged a lot.  I bit the bullet went online and ordered 8 more gigs of memory.

A few days later it showed up and I installed it.  I didn’t notice any increased performance from my computer.  It seemed exactly the same.  I started checking things and my computer said it had 12 gigs installed but only 2.9 usable.  SCREEECH  Now anybody who knows anything about computers knows exactly what is going on here. I instantly assumed what the problem was but I thought there was no way I could be that stupid. I spent about 15 minutes trouble shooting things and then realized I had to check the obvious problem.  With a shaking hand I clicked on the start menu and then right clicked on the Computer link in the menu.  I clicked properties and  up popped a very helpful list of basic information about my computer. Obviously it said System Type:  32-bit Operating System.  Yes I was that stupid.  For the non technical people reading this(the technical people are too busy laughing) a 32 bit operating system can use a maximum of 4 gigs of memory. Those two years I had 8 gigs of memory I wasn’t using half of it. Somehow I screwed up and installed the 32 bit version.

So I’ve spent yesterday installing a 64 bit version of windows and spending hours installing updates and rebooting.