Last Thursday morning I awoke with a soar throat and the promise of worsening health. After a day of work, I had a slight fever and some chills. Despite this, I set out on a almost three hour drive in the dark.  I had something important to do: say goodbye to an old friend.

 I first met Kitt almost fourteen years ago. She was a tiny little shaking puppy.  She was so small. I found it hard to imagine something that small being alive. Kitt was adopted by my friend.  Kitt quickly grew into a small but rambunctious doggy. She would tire me out chasing me around the house.  We would play tug of war and destroyed many a toy. Whenever I showed up, Kitt would be delighted to see me.  I often joked that I went to my friends just to see Kitt.

Kitt lived a long and good life.  But we started to notice that Kitt couldn’t see very well.  She eventually went  blind in both eyes and deaf in one ear.   The diagnosis was a brain tumor.  Even with her new disabilities Kitt still managed to be happy.  She put up a brave puppy face even while running into things.

I drove up at night so I could be there in the morning. I sat there as the vet injected her and she fell asleep.  She even had a happy Kitt face at the end. I would have liked to have said something profound but I just mumbled “Bye bye Kitt”.