I am well known as a destroyer of electronics. I also have a beloved acer aspire one netbook. You can guess where this is going. As a nerd, I use it as an experimental platform for new operating systems. I recently decided to try out a new (to me) version of linux called elementary OS. It is based on Ubuntu and meant to look like the mac. I don’t have a review of it. I only used elementary OS for about 3 weeks. My little netbook just isn’t powerful enough to run it, or regular Ubuntu. I decided to try out Linux Mint 16 xfce which is supposed to be light weight and easy to run. Good thing I had decided to switch OSes because, the netbook kept locking up within a minute of booting up. I installed the new OS and then got busy so I set the netbook aside.

The next day I tried to wake it out of sleep to search something on the web. Nothing happened when I pushed the power button.   I pulled the battery out and put it back in.  Then I noticed that an indicator led blinked blue 5 times whenever I tried to turn it on. I quick web search showed this to be an indication of a hardware fault.  The netbook is well out of warranty so I just chocked it up to my usual ability to break all things and it had given my over a year of use. For some reason, I decide to plug it back into its power supply and then I went about my day.

Several hours later I came back and gave it one last chance to start up. It started right up. The battery had completely drained itself overnight. For some reason, mint xfce has the default behavior when you close the lid set to just turn the screen off. It doesn’t go to sleep or hibernate.  I changed the preferences and now it’s fine. Just imagine that if I hadn’t plugged it back in I would have thrown away (put in my communities electronic recycling)  a perfectly good netbook. I am sometimes dense.