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Cruising the Eastern Caribbean: Pics

Our first port of call was San Juan


Approaching the island of Puerto Rico


The Fort of San Juan.  The Spanish realized the importance of the port for them to maintain a hold on trade in the new world, so they build this impressive fort. It was assaulted several times but managed to stand until the Spanish American War in 1898.



Approaching the fort from land like many would be attackers 🙂

This stray cat was stalking that pigeon.  Sadly she failed and had to find a different dinner.

Onward to St. Thomas




After a tour of St Thomas led by a wonderful local I sat out on the top deck of the ship waiting for departure. As I sat there I felt a few drops of water hit my legs. I assumed it was from the people washing parts of the ship. Suddenly more drops hit me and I was forced to open my eyes.  A pleasant rain storm had come over the island. Most of the passengers fled but a few of us stayed around and enjoyed the warm shower.

Well that is enough pics for one post.


  1. Liene

    Those blue skies and warm temperatures must have been just the thing during a long IL winter, huh?

  2. Tirun

    The fun starts as soon as you step onto the island.

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